Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stormy weather.......

Cancels pelagic.

At 11 AM Monday November 19th, Debi Shearwater notified participants that the captain had cancelled Tuesday's trip due to high winds and seas. That was 11 AM Pacific. John's flight from Philly was about 1:45 PM Eastern which is 10:45AM Pacific. I saw the email in the evening and called John. He had just loaded his luggage in his rental car. At least he could sleep in.

John will probably spend the day in the motel in San Jose going over pictures. This isn't the time of year that he could easily have changed flights anyway. He had a suspicion cancellation was possible. The marine forecast didn't look bad to me, but I was wrong.

That was John's last scheduled pelagic. He was hoping for the Mottled Petrel, scratch that.

John will fly into Austin Wednesday about midnight for Texas turkey on Thanksgiving. He turns 70 on Sunday. Isn't it interesting how much younger old gets as you get older?

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