Saturday, February 16, 2013


I know I promised a link to John's spreadsheet. We are a family of procrastinators. Sorry.

We haven't even figured out how to enter his list to the ABA. Now I need to retrieve all this blog so that I can store it in my computer, just in case John ever self-publishes his pictures.

We have been busy. First we had to recover from the grind of his big year. Miami was disappointing. John will probably drop some fence birds, like the Black-Capped Vireo that he only sort of heard and sort of saw. The final total for his big year will probably about 686 or 687. I will blog it if ever John finalizes it, maybe there will even be a link to his spreadsheet!

My sister visited from Minnesota in January. It was below zero there, but she was chilly here in SOCAL.

I drove back to the Midwest in early February for my 6th grandchild's birth, a boy, and drove myself back. There are long, boring stretches of interstate that I know by heart. At least, a little snow storm livened things up.

I am home now, to nag John about submitting his list to the ABA, do some school tours at our local Audubon and sew up this blog. It has been fun.