Sunday, March 31, 2013

Yes!!!Yes!!!Yes!!! Spreadsheets at last!

Here, I hope, at last, are the links to John's spreadsheets.

Phylogenic order

Order of Sighting

Thanks, to my daughters in Austin and Springfield, MO.

Remember, if you are going to do a big year, have fun! Get your equipment in order, sharpen your birding skills, learn to use every wireless bird locating source.

I do not plan to blog again, but the old blog will continue to exist in hyperspace. Read the archives in order if you want the essence of the whole odyssey.

I have an inkling that my labels make a difference in the number of views, so I am going to add some funky ones John wishes he got to this last hurrah. The Bay-Breasted Warbler that streaked by at 50 mph on Cape May that John got a picture of but not a visual, the Black Noddy that was spotted AFTER John's group left, the reported Fork-Tailed Flycatcher that was a Scissor-Tailed, the Mottled Petrel that might have been seen on the cancelled pelagic, the Hook-Billed Kite that refused to show up, the Streak-Breasted Oriole that left the bridge overpass an hour before John got there.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's almost here! THE SPREADSHEET!

John finished his spreadsheet and mailed it to me. Chicken that I am, I will wait until we get to Texas and a computer literate child to put a link into this blog. We'll take 6 year old twin boys camping Saturday and Sunday, so I will get her to help me on Monday or Tuesday. Maybe we will even do some birding.

John used other spreadsheets to help him with hisbigyear so we would like to return the favor.

It will be soon!