Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy 70th Birthday, John!

Sunday, November 25th, John and I went to Bouldin Creek in central Austin to look once again for the Blue-Headed Vireo. Which way to go? As we stood there blithering, a young woman with binoculars approached. Binoculars, always a good sign. Turns out she is a regular there and knows the guy who turns in frequent ebird reports. Suzanne, a real sweetheart, showed us his route, wished us good luck and went off to look for sparrows. A copse of tall trees with lots of undergrowth, kinglets, titmice, warblers. John started to chat with another lady about birds of paradise. Ack! I see a vireo! I punch John in the stomach and cut short his conversation. I see the vireo several more times, but it's movements are tangled up in all the other birds passing through. John can not get on it!

We turn to try another area, Suzanne comes rushing up! 'I just saw one! I played the tape and it popped out in plain view! It is on the far side!' Galumph, galumph, we hurry south. John and Suzanne start talking about Cambodia, where she just returned from. Come on people, let's keep our minds on the vireo! We arrive at the spot. Nobirdy. Suzanne goes off to look again for sparrows. I play the tape. Suzanne's back! She says the bird was just above our heads! I see it! She sees it! John sees it!!!!!! 677! John even gets decent photos!

That has got to be one of the best birthday presents John has ever gotten. Thank you, Suzanne!


  1. You are welcome! It was so nice to meet you and to help John celebrate his birthday and find number 677! Best wishes for the remainder of the Big Year and I look forward to reading your future postings.

    Suzanne from Austin