Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pip! Pip!

The first tour of the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival that we went on today, Wednesday, November 7th, was King Ranch Santa Gertrudis. It was a long drive but worth it. We saw lots of fun birds up there, a pair of White-Tailed Hawks, a Roadrunner, a BOBCAT, Cassin's and Clay-Colored Sparrows, Burrowing Owl, Vermilion Flycatcher, lots of Green Jays and Audubon's Oriole.

We went across to an agricultural section to look for the Sprague's Pipit. 672! We found a group of at least 5 pipits along a farm road in the cotton fields. They don't usually hang together like that. We got great views of a life bird for both of us.

King Ranch fed us a delicious barbecue and we dozed on the bus back to Harlingen.

Another EARLY morning tomorrow.

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