Monday, July 23, 2012

When is a rock not a rock?

Saturday, July 22nd, John was in Colorado National Monument and saw the Gray Flycatcher. That had been a target bird for several days. Near Silt, CO, John got a good look at a Vesper Sparrow. He had probably seen it before, but he needed to be sure. He has a lot of 'fence birds' and was glad to have one fall off the fence.

Sunday, John was west of the visitor center in Rocky Mountain National Park on a trail, staring at and taking pictures of a rock, just in case it was really a bird. Suddenly, a different rock nearby jumped up and shook its feathers. The rock he had been staring at was still a rock. The other 'rock' was a White-Tailed Ptarmigan! Huzzah!

John is up to 592.

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