Friday, July 20, 2012

Just another pretty - - place

I'm jealous. Tuesday, July 17th, John laid out his sleeping bag on a tarp in the Crackfoot area of Pine Valley Campgrounds in western Utah. He told me there were pines and trails and a rushing stream. He also spotted MacGillivray's and Grace's Warblers and a Western Wood Pewee. The next morning he got pictures of the Plumbeous Vireo. Just another pretty place we will need to visit together when his big year is over. Flooding blocked John from some other areas he hoped to bird. He did eventually get to a high pass and saw picas and marmots but not the Black Rosy Finches he was after.

Meanwhile, I am entertaining a grandson. July 25th, I fly with him back to Missouri. John says he will meet us there so that I can help him find a few local birds. I am no miracle worker, but I will try.

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