Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Yesterday, John got the Dusky Flycatcher and the McCown's Longspur in the Pawnee National Grasslands. He returned there today, July 24th, and saw the longspur again, the Grasshopper Sparrow, and probably, Cassin's Sparrow. He has pics to study later. He has lots of pics to study later!

Following a lead for Dusky Grouse, John returned to Rocky Mountain National Park and hiked around Cub Lake. Besides a re-sighting of Green-Tailed Towhee and White-Throated Swift, he saw elk, marmot, chipmunk and cotton tails. No grouse.

Now John will meander toward Missouri, hitting a few more grasslands on the way. His big target is Henslow's Sparrow. I hope he gets it so that I don't have to help him find it around Springfield. Ebird has lots of sightings of it and other target birds between CO and MO.  Grasslands preservation isn't as glamorous as pristine mountain wilderness, but just as essential.

I am not taking my computer on the flight to MO. I probably won't blog until I return to California next Sunday. All the grandchildren will be in Springfield at once, so I will be happily busy.

After MO, John will drop down to South Texas to try again for the Groove-Billed Ani and other scarcities. We might even get in a week of birding in California before his San Diego pelagic, August 13th. Keep posting on EBird! It really helps John.

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