Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thanks a lek!

So John got snowed out of any birding Tuesday, but got over the passes to Gunnison all right. Wednesday AM EARLY he drove to the lek area of the Gunnison Sage Grouse. A volunteer showed up, god bless them, and a few more cars. John could hear the grouse booming. Heard a coyote. It got a little lighter so he could see a few grouse. Had to change the batteries on his 18 power image stabilized binoculars. The grouse were gone. The volunteer said there had been about 15 out there. Coyotes may have spooked them. John will count them but could possibly come by again later for pictures. He has a lot of laters.

Off to SE Colorado for Arena Dust Tours. A nice B and B, another early rising Thursday, muddy, muddy roads and fog, the Lesser Prairie Chicken lek was pretty far away, light not great, but countable. Phew!

John is now in MO doing laundry at another daughter's house. Tomorrow, Friday, he will drive to Winnie, TX from MO, I will drive from Austin, TX and meet him. Will we get some early migrants at High Island? Cool shore birds at Bolivar? Is John going to help drag for black and yellow rails at Anahuac?

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