Saturday, April 21, 2012


Into each big year, some rain must fall. Today is what I would term a washout. John's boat was to leave early this morning. After I found my ferry terminal and found that the DT day ferry was cancelled, I decided to stop by the marina and check on John's tour. The boat was still there and is still there 4 hours later. John said he would call if they leave port.

At least, yesterday was great! Most of John's tour group met at a hotel for a day of birding. From the balcony, we found White-Crowned Pigeons. It took a few hours, but John's tour leaders called up a wonderful view of Mangrove Cuckoo with a side of Black-Whiskered Vireo on Sugarloaf Key. The afternoon was hot and new bird-less, but for a flyover of a Short-Tailed Hawk. So all four of John's hoped for Key birds were found.

Now if he could just get to the wet Dry Tortugas.

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