Thursday, April 19, 2012


The streets and avenues in South Miami are perpendicular to each other, numbered and Highway One cuts across them at an angle. Makes for interesting wanderings. You could be passing 108th Street and then 64th Avenue. It didn't help that where ever we went to see a local specialty, we bombed out, no listable parakeets or parrots, no bulbuls, no orioles. We crawled back to our Motel 6 for an early bedtime. Oh, except we did find the Cave Swallows nesting under a bridge.

Early Thursday morning we started for the Everglades. We got to the end of the road at Flamingo without seeing a LBB, Seaside Sparrows :-(. But, by the visitor center, I spotted a Gray Kingbird and then a Shiny Cowbird joined the Brown-Headed Cowbirds for a feed. The icing on the cake was the two or three manatees that were rolling around each other in the marina, hmmm. Neither John nor I had ever seen one so we were stoked. We saw no propeller scars on them, double stoked.

We have a delightful little tent spot tucked under the mangroves at the Key West KOA. John starts his boat trip with Florida Nature Tours tomorrow, Friday, and will return Monday afternoon. I will relax!

John is at 390.

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