Thursday, February 2, 2012

Will he or won't he?

Ah, that is the question. Now that John has worked out some problems with software in a product, he is free to fly the coop again. Will he head to Northern California or Arizona first? I am allowing him to take 'my' Rav4 and I blew up a twin sized air mattress for him to sleep on in the back. Bare bones, his favorite way to travel.

A Laysan Albatross was in Long Beach!!! Those are the kind of events that it would be nice to hear about. A really successful big year depends on luck and contacts. NARBA is great. But some of the birds that are hard to get are not really rare, just difficult, so they don't qualify for NARBA. John will need help on those too. There is a backyard out there with a Bicknell's Thrush or a Swainson's Warbler or a Sawwhet Owl.

As the year unfolds, each bird will be a problem to solve. John is going to have so much fun planning his attacks for optimum results. He may not get a great total at the end but he is going to have fun trying.

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