Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sax-Zim Bog Winter Bird Festival

Meadowlands, Minnesota is quite the place! Tiny but mighty. The festival was well-run, good guides, interesting evening presentations and, best of all, wonderful birds. On our Saturday field trip around the bog, we had great views of a Great Gray Owl, Boreal Chickadees, lots of Rough-Legged Hawks, a Black-Backed Woodpecker, a Northern Shrike, Sharp-Tailed Grouse, and Ruffed Grouse. Pine Grosbeaks come to the feeder outside our lodgings. I declared a day of rest on Sunday, John went on another field trip. Monday, we will try for the Hawk Owl at Gooseberry Falls and look for birds that have been reported in Duluth before heading back down to Minneapolis for our flight home Tuesday.

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