Friday, February 10, 2012

Flights of fancy

Tomorrow, Saturday the 11th, I fly to Minneapolis and connect with my sister north of the city. Then we will drive up north to her farmstead near Ponsford, Minnesota. Ever hear of it?

John, meanwhile, is wandering around Northern California and will return here Monday. Tuesday will be a day to rest and pack, then he flies to Minneapolis Wednesday. He will rent a car and drive up to rendezvous with me. We will then head for the Sax-Zim birding festival in Meadowlands. There is minimal snow cover so the typical birds might be tough. I will report later.

I did talk to John today and he found the Hermit Warbler and the Townsend's Warbler in the hills east of Pacific Grove. Since he may not be in California much during migration it was good to get them now. He will go online and see if any of the rarities being reported up there are worth going for.

I've got my boarding pass printed out and the taxi set up, so once I finish packing, :-P, I can sip some bourbon, set the alarm and crawl into bed.

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