Sunday, January 1, 2012

It was the evening and the morning of the first day

From Winnie TX we drove back toward Houston looking for the Smith's Longspur and the Harris's Sparrow. A couple of possessive guys. Both of these birds nest FAR north so winter is the best time to find them. We 'saw' the Smith's Longspur in a field off of Fig Orchard Road. The longspurs like to crouch in the short grass and wait until you have almost stepped on them, then the whole flock flushes at once and departs for greener pastures. At least I heard their call and John saw the tail feathers so we are calling it a fair view. It just took an hour of tromping around to find them. With the help of some Christmas Count counters, we got the Harris's Sparrow on Katy Prairie. He got a few backlit  pictures of the sparrow and we both got a good view.

Not that my view matters. As the blog title says, it is HIS big year. I have better things to do for much of the year.  This blogging could be fun though. I will have to find someone to help me pretty up my page after I get home.

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