Friday, January 13, 2012

Timing is everything

Monday, January 9th, leaving Phoenix, we went to thrasher corner near Buckeye for thrashers, and came up dry, maybe too cold, too early, or we smell? The highest population is in March so John will return. Perhaps, with a guide.

Just in case the Nutting's Flycatcher in Big Bend isn't validated, John wants to stop by Lake Havasu for the one that is there. Almost all the sightings are for 7 or 8 AM, and we will get there around noon. One of the great things about birding is getting to see some beautiful natural areas. Problem is, two different people told us that the bird roosts overnight in that palo verde or that other palo verde and then starts foraging and disappears in the brush. So that is why most of the sightings are in the early morning. I thought it was because hard core birders who would report to NARBA would show up early, see the bird, and leave. Well, maybe that does happen a little but we still didn't see the bird. Nice place to have lunch.

Driving home through urban rush hour traffic was exhausting.

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