Saturday, August 4, 2012


After we parted in Missouri, John headed down to Texas. July 31st, he went to Laguna Atacosa and saw several Groove-Billed Anis. He returned the next day and saw none there. Such is the hit or miss of birding.

There are several 'missing' birds John could see in Texas. Some, he needs a lead on where they are hanging out. Some can only be stumbled upon, they are so sporadic. Alphabetically, a few 'wanted's are the Aplomado Falcon, Hook-Billed Kite, Muscovy Duck, Red-Crowned Parrot and White-Tailed Hawk.

Friday, August 3rd, John was back in Big Bend National Park. He talked to the rangers and found the Black Hawk's nest but no members of the family. He also took the 9 mile loop up to the Colima Warbler and didn't see it. This time, he didn't even hear it.

In the afternoon, John drove to Christmas Mountain Oasis down a long dirt road with frequent no trespassing signs. He was lucky to have had talked to the owners on the phone and got their permission to visit. He got through the gate and another mile of dirt road. In the middle of miles and miles of desolate, dry and rugged country, the owners maintain several groupings of feeders. A Sharp-Shinned Hawk landed a few feet from John, also attracted by the possibility of many birds. Besides great views of repeat birds, John got the Black-Tailed Gnatcatcher and, after many hummingbirds turned out to be Black-Chinned, male and female Lucifer Hummingbirds showed up. There were also swarms of dragonflies and butterflies. It was a delightful place to spend an afternoon.

John is heading for Arizona and is up to 608.

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