Wednesday, June 20, 2012


John called from the Grayling Ramada in Michigan. There wasn't a reservation for him. Turns out I made it for May not June. Wasn't the first mistake I have made like that. Once, we showed up in Yellowstone and my reservation was for the next year! Maybe he will fire me as travel agent! I can only hope.

The hotel did have a vacancy. John did get to go out with the ranger June 18th. They did see and hear Kirtland's Warblers. KIWA is a conservation success story. There were about 2000 singing males counted last year. KIWA territories have expanded into Wisconsin and Ontario. They are picky birds. Large areas of forest have to be clear cut and replanted with pine. The birds will move in when the trees are about 5 feet tall and move out when the trees reach 20 feet tall. John realized that the ranger chose a tract of short trees to visit so that the warblers would be easier to see. Still, the birds mostly moved around inside the trees, rarely singing out in clear view. When the thunder and lightning kicked in, the birders quit.

John continues to find cool places to bird. Later that same day, he visited Otis Bird Sanctuary. It has a cabin on site for rent with a canoe-able stream running by. Maybe, after this year is over, we can revisit some of the cooler birding places he has found, TOGETHER.

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