Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bounding on the Maine

As John flew into Portland Maine early June 12th, he could see Scarborough Marsh below. He spent the morning there looking for little brown jobbies, specifically the Nelson's and Saltmarsh Sharptail Sparrows. Others saw them but not John, sigh. On to New Harbor, where two young men were sorting lobsters, 60-70 lobsters or about 90 lbs of lobsters per box. John estimated the men filled about 10 boxes and locked them under the dock with several other boxes. That's a lot of lobsters.

John was in New Harbor to go on a Hardy Boat Cruise at 5:30 PM out to Eastern Egg Island. On that little rock, thousands of birds nest, a couple hundred are Roseate Terns. John was very happy to get good looks and a few pictures of them.

He stayed overnight in Augusta planning to look for brown jobbies again at marshes on his way up to Machias. The little brown jobbies were again saved from him, this time by rain. As most birders know, little brown jobbies can be difficult.

John had time that evening in Machias to look over his lists. He reckons he has 51 new life ABA birds, only 20 that he has seen in other countries, so that is 31 totally new life birds. Not bad. As for his big year, he is up to 534.

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