Friday, December 28, 2012

The last resort!

Here we are in Miami. There are birds here John has not yet seen. They are listed on this year's local Christmas Bird Counts. Now he just has to see them.

Today, we went to Virginia Key, no Western Spindalis, but a glimpse of what looked like a LeSagre's Flycatcher, too poor a view.

Then, we went to a BirdingPal's neighborhood south of the university. It is nicely overgrown. The Spot-Breasted Oriole and the Mynas have been seen there. We will have to try again there and elsewhere.

Finally, we went to the neighborhood just north of the Baptist Hospital on Kendall. We still didn't see anything new for John, but he got excellent pictures of the White-Crowned Pigeon and saw several Monk Parakeets. We saw them in Texas, but they are more surely listable in Florida.

We will muddle around here for a few days and fly home January 1st. Whether or not we add to his total of 687, his big year will be over!

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  1. John, Bev

    This is Robert Baumander. John and I have met twice on boat trips and just missed each other chasing the Pink-footed Goose on our big Years. I arrived late this afternoon looking for the Spindalis. They let me in and look until 6, but I have since found out I was in the wrong spot. I now know a better location thanks to someone posting it on ebird today. I will go back in the morning . Where did you get the white crowned pigeon. I still Ned that and white winged parakeet. I have a good spot for spot breasted I found in October. Can you call me at 416-268-4190 or email at Maybe we can help each other out tomorrow.