Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bodega bodes swell

Thursday, September 20th, still back in the week that was, John was to drive up to Petaluma for a pelagic with Debi Shearwater the next day. Early on I happened to look at my email and found a weather alert from Debi. John hung around until about 11:30 AM Thursday, called Debi and she had just talked to the captain, "High seas but a go." Off he went.

Early Friday they putted out from Bodega Bay. The seas were high, John got soaked a few times, his camera survived, a Hawaiian Petrel floated by and John got a picture! 650 Then he got a Bulwar's Shearwater. 651 Finally back on dry land, there was uncertainty about the next day's pelagic out of Half Moon Bay. I still had no news for John around 6 PM, so he checked into his hotel.

Saturday AM, he showed up at the dock and the trip was on. Again high seas, even more wetness, but some good pictures of Marbled Murrelets and better ones of Bulwar's Shearwater. Debi was pretty tired. She let her spotter's do their thing. Then she stood up, looked up and said 'South Polar Skua!'. 652 She is good!

Saturday night, John stayed at his sister's. Sunday, he headed for  Pinnacles State Park where there were Lawrence's Goldfinches. Nope. Maybe he needed to get there earlier. Then he drove to Mercey Hot Springs. They charge a fee, give you directions. John looked in the tree unsuccessfully, the gentleman took him back to the tree and pointed out the Long-Eared Owl. 653 Way worth the fee!!

I think that gets me up to real time. Today was when we saw the Virginia Rail, got pics of the Great Horned Owls and got my car back in working order. It is 9 PM Wednesday, September 26th. Tomorrow morning, we might take off for a Monterey pelagic, or we might head for New Mexico and the Piratic Flycatcher.  Only the Shadow knows.

Boy, you have to be pretty old to get that reference!

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