Monday, March 26, 2012

Foggy, foggy hoot

Action packed days. John stayed at our daughter's in Austin just long enough to do laundry and make a couple of reservations. First, a very foggy morning in Beeville, TX, so John started really early to make it to the gate of San Miguelito Ranch. The rancher met him and drove him to the ranch house where they had Ferruginous Pygmy Owls nesting. "It's usually in that tree, or maybe over in that tree" Finally, John spotted it in another area. Phew! They chatted about the call and John imitated a Northern Pygmy Owl for the rancher. The ferruginous hooted back!

Beeville again, but this time John headed for Aransas and a boat he booked. They saw lots of whooping cranes in family groups and bachelor parties. The captain said that this year there were several families with two chicks, a good sign.

Then to Uvalde, and some wandering around in the hill country. Kickapoo Caverns State Park could have had Black-Capped Vireos, and Cave Swallows... Maybe later.

Off to the Rio Grande. In Zapata, John stopped by the library and met a guy there who was also looking for the seedeater. When John told the guy his name, the guy said, "But you have already seen it." Maybe he reads the blog, John didn't ask, but John was after a better look and, of course, pictures. Not to be.

John camped at Falcon Dam State Park that night and headed for Salineno the next morning. We were there in January and got lots of cool birds. But THIS time he got the Red-Billed Pigeon. Another phew.

He is up to about 290 birds. He wishes he had about 100 more at this point. Seeing the Rose-Throated Becard at Estero Grande  tomorrow would cheer him up but it hasn't been seen for a week.

After his swing through Colorado, lek hopping, we will meet at Winnie, TX, stash one car, and head for Florida. I get to be his bird dog for awhile. :-P

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