Sunday, March 31, 2013

Yes!!!Yes!!!Yes!!! Spreadsheets at last!

Here, I hope, at last, are the links to John's spreadsheets.

Phylogenic order

Order of Sighting

Thanks, to my daughters in Austin and Springfield, MO.

Remember, if you are going to do a big year, have fun! Get your equipment in order, sharpen your birding skills, learn to use every wireless bird locating source.

I do not plan to blog again, but the old blog will continue to exist in hyperspace. Read the archives in order if you want the essence of the whole odyssey.

I have an inkling that my labels make a difference in the number of views, so I am going to add some funky ones John wishes he got to this last hurrah. The Bay-Breasted Warbler that streaked by at 50 mph on Cape May that John got a picture of but not a visual, the Black Noddy that was spotted AFTER John's group left, the reported Fork-Tailed Flycatcher that was a Scissor-Tailed, the Mottled Petrel that might have been seen on the cancelled pelagic, the Hook-Billed Kite that refused to show up, the Streak-Breasted Oriole that left the bridge overpass an hour before John got there.


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